Oil Sands Public Offerings and Results

Oil Sands Public Offerings - 2008

Oil Sands Public Offerings - 2008

Denotes changes in the last 13 days.

2008 - December 17

          Public Offering Notice   20081217OON.txt   20081217OON.pdf   20081217OON.xml   
          Public Sales Results   20081217OSR.csv   20081217OSR.pdf   20081217OSR.xml   

2008 - December 03

          Public Offering Notice   20081203OON.txt   20081203OON.pdf   20081203OON.xml   
          Public Sales Results   20081203OSR.csv   20081203OSR.pdf   20081203OSR.xml   

2008 - November 19

          Public Offering Notice   20081119OON.txt   20081119OON.pdf   20081119OON.xml   
          Public Sales Results   20081119OSR.csv   20081119OSR.pdf   20081119OSR.xml   

2008 - October 29

          Public Offering Notice   20081029OON.txt   20081029OON.pdf   20081029OON.xml   
          Public Sales Results   20081029OSR.csv   20081029OSR.pdf   20081029OSR.xml   

2008 - October 15

          Public Offering Notice   20081015OON.txt   20081015OON.pdf   20081015OON.xml   
          Public Sales Results   20081015OSR.csv   20081015OSR.pdf   20081015OSR.xml   

2008 - October 01

          Public Offering Notice   20081001OON.txt   20081001OON.pdf   20081001OON.xml   
          Public Sales Results   20081001OSR.csv   20081001OSR.pdf   20081001OSR.xml   

2008 - September 17

          Public Offering Notice   20080917OON.txt   20080917OON.pdf   20080917OON.xml   
          Public Sales Results   20080917OSR.csv   20080917OSR.pdf   20080917OSR.xml   

2008 - September 03

          Public Offering Notice   20080903OON.txt   20080903OON.pdf   20080903OON.xml   
          Public Sales Results   20080903OSR.csv   20080903OSR.pdf   20080903OSR.xml   

2008 - August 20

          Public Offering Notice   20080820OON.txt   20080820OON.pdf   20080820OON.xml   
          Notice of Corrections   20080820OOC.txt   20080820OOC.pdf   20080820OOC.xml   
          Public Sales Results   20080820OSR.csv   20080820OSR.pdf   20080820OSR.xml   

2008 - August 06

          Public Offering Notice   20080806OON.txt   20080806OON.pdf   20080806OON.xml   
          Public Sales Results   20080806OSR.csv   20080806OSR.pdf   20080806OSR.xml   

2008 - July 23

          Public Offering Notice   20080723OON.txt   20080723OON.pdf   20080723OON.xml   
          Public Sales Results   20080723OSR.csv   20080723OSR.pdf   20080723OSR.xml   

2008 - July 09

          Public Offering Notice   20080709OON.txt   20080709OON.pdf   20080709OON.xml   
          Public Sales Results   20080709OSR.csv   20080709OSR.pdf   20080709OSR.xml   

2008 - June 25

          Public Offering Notice   20080625OON.txt   20080625OON.pdf   20080625OON.xml   
          Public Sales Results   20080625OSR.csv   20080625OSR.pdf   20080625OSR.xml   

2008 - June 11

          Public Offering Notice   20080611OON.txt   20080611OON.pdf   20080611OON.xml   
          Public Sales Results   20080611OSR.csv   20080611OSR.pdf   20080611OSR.xml   

2008 - May 28

          Public Offering Notice   20080528OON.txt   20080528OON.pdf   20080528OON.xml   
          Public Sales Results   20080528OSR.csv   20080528OSR.pdf   20080528OSR.xml   

2008 - May 14

          Public Offering Notice   20080514OON.txt   20080514OON.pdf   20080514OON.xml   
          Public Sales Results   20080514OSR.csv   20080514OSR.pdf   20080514OSR.xml   

2008 - April 30

          Public Offering Notice   20080430OON.txt   20080430OON.pdf   20080430OON.xml   
          Public Sales Results   20080430OSR.csv   20080430OSR.pdf   20080430OSR.xml   

2008 - April 16

          No Public Offering Notice   

2008 - April 02

          Public Offering Notice   20080402OON.txt   20080402OON.pdf   20080402OON.xml   
          Public Sales Results   20080402OSR.csv   20080402OSR.pdf   20080402OSR.xml   

2008 - March 19

          Public Offering Notice   20080319OON.txt   20080319OON.pdf   20080319OON.xml   
          Public Sales Results   20080319OSR.csv   20080319OSR.pdf   20080319OSR.xml   

2008 - March 05

          Public Offering Notice   20080305OON.txt   20080305OON.pdf   20080305OON.xml   
          Public Sales Results   20080305OSR.csv   20080305OSR.pdf   20080305OSR.xml   

2008 - February 06

          Public Offering Notice   20080206OON.txt   20080206OON.pdf   20080206OON.xml   
          Public Sales Results   20080206OSR.csv   20080206OSR.pdf   20080206OSR.xml   

2008 - January 23

          Public Offering Notice   20080123OON.txt   20080123OON.pdf   20080123OON.xml   
          Public Sales Results   20080123OSR.csv   20080123OSR.pdf   20080123OSR.xml   

2008 - January 09

          Public Offering Notice   20080109OON.txt   20080109OON.pdf   20080109OON.xml   
          Public Sales Results   20080109OSR.csv   20080109OSR.pdf   20080109OSR.xml