Oil Sands Public Offerings and Results

Oil Sands Public Offerings - 2007

Oil Sands Public Offerings - 2007

Denotes changes in the last 13 days.

2007 - December 12

          Public Offering Notice   20071212OON.txt   20071212OON.pdf   20071212OON.xml   
          Public Sales Results   20071212OSR.csv   20071212OSR.pdf   20071212OSR.xml   

2007 - November 28

          Public Offering Notice   20071128OON.txt   20071128OON.pdf   20071128OON.xml   
          Public Sales Results   20071128OSR.csv   20071128OSR.pdf   20071128OSR.xml   

2007 - November 14

          Public Offering Notice   20071114OON.txt   20071114OON.pdf   20071114OON.xml   
          Public Sales Results   20071114OSR.csv   20071114OSR.pdf   20071114OSR.xml   

2007 - October 31

          Public Offering Notice   20071031OON.txt   20071031OON.pdf   20071031OON.xml   
          Public Sales Results   20071031OSR.csv   20071031OSR.pdf   20071031OSR.xml   

2007 - October 17

          Public Offering Notice   20071017OON.txt   20071017OON.pdf   20071017OON.xml   
          Public Sales Results   20071017OSR.csv   20071017OSR.pdf   20071017OSR.xml   

2007 - October 03

          Public Offering Notice   20071003OON.txt   20071003OON.pdf   20071003OON.xml   
          Notice of Corrections   20071003OOC.txt   20071003OOC.pdf   20071003OOC.xml   
          Public Sales Results   20071003OSR.csv   20071003OSR.pdf   20071003OSR.xml   

2007 - September 19

          Public Offering Notice   20070919OON.txt   20070919OON.pdf   20070919OON.xml   
          Public Sales Results   20070919OSR.csv   20070919OSR.pdf   20070919OSR.xml   

2007 - September 05

          Public Offering Notice   20070905OON.txt   20070905OON.pdf   20070905OON.xml   
          Public Sales Results   20070905OSR.csv   20070905OSR.pdf   20070905OSR.xml   

2007 - August 22

          Public Offering Notice   20070822OON.txt   20070822OON.pdf   20070822OON.xml   
          Public Sales Results   20070822OSR.csv   20070822OSR.pdf   20070822OSR.xml   

2007 - August 08

          Public Offering Notice   20070808OON.txt   20070808OON.pdf   20070808OON.xml   
          Public Sales Results   20070808OSR.csv   20070808OSR.pdf   20070808OSR.xml   

2007 - July 25

          Public Offering Notice   20070725OON.txt   20070725OON.pdf   20070725OON.xml   
          Public Sales Results   20070725OSR.csv   20070725OSR.pdf   20070725OSR.xml   

2007 - July 11

          Public Offering Notice   20070711OON.txt   20070711OON.pdf   20070711OON.xml   
          Public Sales Results   20070711OSR.csv   20070711OSR.pdf   20070711OSR.xml   

2007 - June 27

          Public Offering Notice   20070627OON.txt   20070627OON.pdf   20070627OON.xml   
          Public Sales Results   20070627OSR.csv   20070627OSR.pdf   20070627OSR.xml   

2007 - June 13

          Public Offering Notice   20070613OON.txt   20070613OON.pdf   20070613OON.xml   
          Public Sales Results   20070613OSR.csv   20070613OSR.pdf   20070613OSR.xml   

2007 - May 30

          Public Offering Notice   20070530OON.txt   20070530OON.pdf   20070530OON.xml   
          Public Sales Results   20070530OSR.csv   20070530OSR.pdf   20070530OSR.xml   

2007 - May 16

          Public Offering Notice   20070516OON.txt   20070516OON.pdf   20070516OON.xml   
          Public Sales Results   20070516OSR.csv   20070516OSR.pdf   20070516OSR.xml   

2007 - May 02

          Public Offering Notice   20070502OON.txt   20070502OON.pdf   20070502OON.xml   
          Public Sales Results   20070502OSR.csv   20070502OSR.pdf   20070502OSR.xml   

2007 - April 18

          Public Offering Notice   20070418OON.txt   20070418OON.pdf   20070418OON.xml   
          Public Sales Results   20070418OSR.csv   20070418OSR.pdf   20070418OSR.xml   

2007 - April 04

          Public Offering Notice   20070404OON.txt   20070404OON.pdf   20070404OON.xml   
          Public Sales Results   20070404OSR.csv   20070404OSR.pdf   20070404OSR.xml   

2007 - March 21

          Public Offering Notice   20070321OON.txt   20070321OON.pdf   20070321OON.xml   
          Public Sales Results   20070321OSR.csv   20070321OSR.pdf   20070321OSR.xml   

2007 - March 07

          Public Offering Notice   20070307OON.txt   20070307OON.pdf   20070307OON.xml   
          Public Sales Results   20070307OSR.csv   20070307OSR.pdf   20070307OSR.xml   

2007 - February 07

          Public Offering Notice   20070207OON.txt   20070207OON.pdf   20070207OON.xml   
          Public Sales Results   20070207OSR.csv   20070207OSR.pdf   20070207OSR.xml   

2007 - January 24

          Public Offering Notice   20070124OON.txt   20070124OON.pdf   20070124OON.xml   
          Notice of Corrections   20070124OOC.txt   20070124OOC.pdf   20070124OOC.xml   
          Public Sales Results   20070124OSR.csv   20070124OSR.pdf   20070124OSR.xml   

2007 - January 10

          Public Offering Notice   20070110OON.txt   20070110OON.pdf   20070110OON.xml   
          Public Sales Results   20070110OSR.csv   20070110OSR.pdf   20070110OSR.xml