Oil Sands Public Offerings and Results

Oil Sands Public Offerings - 2006

Oil Sands Public Offerings - 2006

Denotes changes in the last 13 days.

2006 - December 13

          Public Offering Notice   20061213OON.txt   20061213OON.pdf   20061213OON.xml   
          Public Sales Results   20061213OSR.csv   20061213OSR.pdf   20061213OSR.xml   

2006 - November 29

          Public Offering Notice   20061129OON.txt   20061129OON.pdf   20061129OON.xml   
          Public Sales Results   20061129OSR.csv   20061129OSR.pdf   20061129OSR.xml   

2006 - November 15

          Public Offering Notice   20061115OON.txt   20061115OON.pdf   20061115OON.xml   
          Public Sales Results   20061115OSR.csv   20061115OSR.pdf   20061115OSR.xml   

2006 - November 01

          Public Offering Notice   20061101OON.txt   20061101OON.pdf   20061101OON.xml   
          Public Sales Results   20061101OSR.csv   20061101OSR.pdf   20061101OSR.xml   

2006 - October 18

          Public Offering Notice   20061018OON.txt   20061018OON.pdf   20061018OON.xml   
          Public Sales Results   20061018OSR.csv   20061018OSR.pdf   20061018OSR.xml   

2006 - October 04

          Public Offering Notice   20061004OON.txt   20061004OON.pdf   20061004OON.xml   
          Public Sales Results   20061004OSR.csv   20061004OSR.pdf   20061004OSR.xml   

2006 - September 20

          Public Offering Notice   20060920OON.txt   20060920OON.pdf   20060920OON.xml   
          Public Sales Results   20060920OSR.csv   20060920OSR.pdf   20060920OSR.xml   

2006 - September 06

          Public Offering Notice   20060906OON.txt   20060906OON.pdf   20060906OON.xml   
          Public Sales Results   20060906OSR.csv   20060906OSR.pdf   20060906OSR.xml   

2006 - August 23

          Public Offering Notice   20060823OON.txt   20060823OON.pdf   20060823OON.xml   
          Public Sales Results   20060823OSR.csv   20060823OSR.pdf   20060823OSR.xml   

2006 - August 09

          Public Offering Notice   20060809OON.txt   20060809OON.pdf   20060809OON.xml   
          Public Sales Results   20060809OSR.csv   20060809OSR.pdf   20060809OSR.xml   

2006 - July 26

          Public Offering Notice   20060726OON.txt   20060726OON.pdf   20060726OON.xml   
          Public Sales Results   20060726OSR.csv   20060726OSR.pdf   20060726OSR.xml   

2006 - July 12

          Public Offering Notice   20060712OON.txt   20060712OON.pdf   20060712OON.xml   
          Public Sales Results   20060712OSR.csv   20060712OSR.pdf   20060712OSR.xml   

2006 - June 28

          No Public Offering Notice   

2006 - June 14

          Public Offering Notice   20060614OON.txt   20060614OON.pdf   20060614OON.xml   
          Public Sales Results   20060614OSR.csv   20060614OSR.pdf   20060614OSR.xml   

2006 - May 31

          Public Offering Notice   20060531OON.txt   20060531OON.pdf   20060531OON.xml   
          Public Sales Results   20060531OSR.csv   20060531OSR.pdf   20060531OSR.xml   

2006 - May 17

          Public Offering Notice   20060517OON.txt   20060517OON.pdf   20060517OON.xml   
          Public Sales Results   20060517OSR.csv   20060517OSR.pdf   20060517OSR.xml   

2006 - May 03

          Public Offering Notice   20060503OON.txt   20060503OON.pdf   20060503OON.xml   
          Public Sales Results   20060503OSR.csv   20060503OSR.pdf   20060503OSR.xml   
          Public Sales Results - Metis   20060503ORM.pdf   

2006 - April 19

          No Public Offering Notice   

2006 - April 05

          Public Offering Notice   20060405OON.txt   20060405OON.pdf   20060405OON.xml   
          Public Sales Results   20060405OSR.csv   20060405OSR.pdf   20060405OSR.xml   

2006 - March 22

          Public Offering Notice   20060322OON.txt   20060322OON.pdf   20060322OON.xml   
          Public Sales Results   20060322OSR.csv   20060322OSR.pdf   20060322OSR.xml   

2006 - March 08

          Public Offering Notice   20060308OON.txt   20060308OON.pdf   20060308OON.xml   
          Public Sales Results   20060308OSR.csv   20060308OSR.pdf   20060308OSR.xml   

2006 - February 08

          Public Offering Notice   20060208OON.txt   20060208OON.pdf   20060208OON.xml   
          Public Sales Results   20060208OSR.csv   20060208OSR.pdf   20060208OSR.xml   

2006 - January 25

          Public Offering Notice   20060125OON.txt   20060125OON.pdf   20060125OON.xml   
          Public Sales Results   20060125OSR.csv   20060125OSR.pdf   20060125OSR.xml   

2006 - January 11

          Public Offering Notice   20060111OON.txt   20060111OON.pdf   20060111OON.xml   
          Public Sales Results   20060111OSR.csv   20060111OSR.pdf   20060111OSR.xml