Oil Sands Public Offerings and Results

Oil Sands Public Offerings - 2005

Oil Sands Public Offerings - 2005

Denotes changes in the last 13 days.

2005 - December 14

          Public Offering Notice   20051214OON.txt   20051214OON.pdf   20051214OON.xml   
          Public Sales Results   20051214OSR.csv   20051214OSR.pdf   20051214OSR.xml   

2005 - November 30

          Public Offering Notice   20051130OON.txt   20051130OON.pdf   20051130OON.xml   
          Public Sales Results   20051130OSR.csv   20051130OSR.pdf   20051130OSR.xml   

2005 - November 16

          Public Offering Notice   20051116OON.txt   20051116OON.pdf   20051116OON.xml   
          Public Sales Results   20051116OSR.csv   20051116OSR.pdf   20051116OSR.xml   

2005 - November 02

          No Public Offering Notice   

2005 - October 19

          Public Offering Notice   20051019OON.txt   20051019OON.pdf   20051019OON.xml   
          Public Sales Results   20051019OSR.csv   20051019OSR.pdf   20051019OSR.xml   

2005 - October 05

          Public Offering Notice   20051005OON.txt   20051005OON.pdf   20051005OON.xml   
          Public Sales Results   20051005OSR.csv   20051005OSR.pdf   20051005OSR.xml   

2005 - September 21

          Public Offering Notice   20050921OON.txt   20050921OON.pdf   20050921OON.xml   
          Public Sales Results   20050921OSR.csv   20050921OSR.pdf   20050921OSR.xml   

2005 - September 07

          No Public Offering Notice   

2005 - August 24

          Public Offering Notice   20050824OON.txt   20050824OON.pdf   20050824OON.xml   
          Public Sales Results   20050824OSR.csv   20050824OSR.pdf   20050824OSR.xml   

2005 - August 10

          Public Offering Notice   20050810OON.txt   20050810OON.pdf   20050810OON.xml   
          Public Sales Results   20050810OSR.csv   20050810OSR.pdf   20050810OSR.xml   

2005 - July 27

          Public Offering Notice   20050727OON.txt   20050727OON.pdf   20050727OON.xml   
          Public Sales Results   20050727OSR.csv   20050727OSR.pdf   20050727OSR.xml   

2005 - July 13

          Public Offering Notice   20050713OON.txt   20050713OON.pdf   20050713OON.xml   
          Public Sales Results   20050713OSR.csv   20050713OSR.pdf   20050713OSR.xml   

2005 - June 29

          Public Offering Notice   20050629OON.txt   20050629OON.pdf   20050629OON.xml   
          Public Sales Results   20050629OSR.csv   20050629OSR.pdf   20050629OSR.xml   

2005 - June 15

          Public Offering Notice   20050615OON.txt   20050615OON.pdf   20050615OON.xml   
          Public Sales Results   20050615OSR.csv   20050615OSR.pdf   20050615OSR.xml   

2005 - June 01

          Public Offering Notice   20050601OON.txt   20050601OON.pdf   20050601OON.xml   
          Public Sales Results   20050601OSR.csv   20050601OSR.pdf   20050601OSR.xml   

2005 - May 18

          Public Offering Notice   20050518OON.txt   20050518OON.pdf   20050518OON.xml   
          Public Sales Results   20050518OSR.csv   20050518OSR.pdf   20050518OSR.xml   

2005 - May 04

          Public Offering Notice   20050504OON.txt   20050504OON.pdf   20050504OON.xml   
          Public Sales Results   20050504OSR.csv   20050504OSR.pdf   20050504OSR.xml   
          Public Sales Results - Metis   20050504ORM.pdf   

2005 - April 20

          No Public Offering Notice   

2005 - April 06

          Public Offering Notice   20050406OON.txt   20050406OON.pdf   20050406OON.xml   
          Public Sales Results   20050406OSR.csv   20050406OSR.pdf   20050406OSR.xml   

2005 - March 23

          Public Offering Notice   20050323OON.txt   20050323OON.pdf   20050323OON.xml   
          Public Sales Results   20050323OSR.csv   20050323OSR.pdf   20050323OSR.xml   

2005 - March 09

          Public Offering Notice   20050309OON.txt   20050309OON.pdf   20050309OON.xml   
          Public Sales Results   20050309OSR.csv   20050309OSR.pdf   20050309OSR.xml   

2005 - February 09

          Public Offering Notice   20050209OON.txt   20050209OON.pdf   20050209OON.xml   
          Public Sales Results   20050209OSR.csv   20050209OSR.pdf   20050209OSR.xml   

2005 - January 26

          Public Offering Notice   20050126OON.txt   20050126OON.pdf   20050126OON.xml   
          Public Sales Results   20050126OSR.csv   20050126OSR.pdf   20050126OSR.xml   

2005 - January 12

          Public Offering Notice   20050112OON.txt   20050112OON.pdf   20050112OON.xml   
          Public Sales Results   20050112OSR.csv   20050112OSR.pdf   20050112OSR.xml   
          Public Sales Results - Metis   20050112ORM.pdf